Broggi Stilletto Finally popular brand 20 Piece Stainless Flatware 4 Set for Service $206,Stilletto,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Stainless,20,4,,for,Set,,Flatware,Piece,Service,,/dipter1343572.html,Broggi $206 Broggi Stilletto 20 Piece Stainless Flatware Set, Service for 4, Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $206,Stilletto,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Stainless,20,4,,for,Set,,Flatware,Piece,Service,,/dipter1343572.html,Broggi $206 Broggi Stilletto 20 Piece Stainless Flatware Set, Service for 4, Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Broggi Stilletto Finally popular brand 20 Piece Stainless Flatware 4 Set for Service

Broggi Stilletto Finally popular brand 20 Piece Stainless Flatware 4 Set Our shop most popular for Service

Broggi Stilletto 20 Piece Stainless Flatware Set, Service for 4,


Broggi Stilletto 20 Piece Stainless Flatware Set, Service for 4,

Product description

The bold design, the simplicity of the lines and the high level of finishing complete harmoniously the pieces which we proudly take to your table. Vista Alegre cutlery is made in pure steel stainless 18/10, 1st quality - with 18% chromium and 10% nickel with high gloss finishing, a process which can only be achieved with a combination of technology and handmade work. All the knives of the respective models are tempered in order to maintain unchanged their cutting power. Laser engraving on the blade complete the demanding manufacturing process.

Broggi Stilletto 20 Piece Stainless Flatware Set, Service for 4,

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