$24 Incense burner HD handheld magnifying glass to read the old 10 t Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality Incense burner HD handheld magnifying glass 10 read Genuine to old t the $24 Incense burner HD handheld magnifying glass to read the old 10 t Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality Incense burner HD handheld magnifying glass 10 read Genuine to old t the to,Incense,HD,/dipter1639472.html,handheld,burner,adageo.com.br,read,the,old,$24,t,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,glass,magnifying,10 to,Incense,HD,/dipter1639472.html,handheld,burner,adageo.com.br,read,the,old,$24,t,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,glass,magnifying,10

Incense burner Popularity HD handheld magnifying glass 10 read Genuine to old t the

Incense burner HD handheld magnifying glass to read the old 10 t


Incense burner HD handheld magnifying glass to read the old 10 t

Product description

★Brand: AXZHYX
★Aromatherapy stoves can purify the air and bring a different experience to your life.
★ It is not only a incense burner, but also a great decorative artwork.
Welcome to my shop, we are committed to creating a perfect and happy shopping, we have all kinds of magnifying glass to choose from.
Product Name: hand magnifier
Magnification: 10 times
Lens material: an optical lens
Body material: Metal
Size: diameter 72MM frame, lens diameter 68 mm, length of the handle 140, the total length of 290 mm
Weight: 164 g
Suitable for viewing photos, map reading, reading newspapers, reading the dictionary, videophone number, or painting nails trimmed, view bank statements and invoices, barcodes, serial numbers, product brochures, identification of jewelry, antiques.
Note: Due to different measurement methods, there may be some errors, please refer to the actual product, thank you!
According to the resolution of the shooting and the monitor, there may be a slight color difference, please forgive me!
★ ignite incense, fresh air, refreshing, calm mood, relieve anxiety, relieve fatigue, sleep peacefully, and maintain good health.
★ In the office: light incense, fresh air, refreshing, maintain a happy body and mind, and improve work efficiency.
★ Reading time: ignite incense, while reading, while drinking tea, you can completely relax and improve the quality of life.
★Our products have been fully tested, inspected and packaged before being sent, you can buy with confidence.
★ We hope that you can find the products you like in our store.

Incense burner HD handheld magnifying glass to read the old 10 t

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