Replacement Part for TV 8 PCS 4xB Phoenix Mall INNOTEK 4xA LG LED Strips Replacement,8,for,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,PCS(4xA,Strips,LG,$27,LED,/gynecotelic1343271.html,,for,Part,TV,INNOTEK,4xB) $27 Replacement Part for TV 8 PCS(4xA 4xB) LED Strips for LG INNOTEK Electronics Accessories Supplies $27 Replacement Part for TV 8 PCS(4xA 4xB) LED Strips for LG INNOTEK Electronics Accessories Supplies Replacement,8,for,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,PCS(4xA,Strips,LG,$27,LED,/gynecotelic1343271.html,,for,Part,TV,INNOTEK,4xB) Replacement Part for TV 8 PCS 4xB Phoenix Mall INNOTEK 4xA LG LED Strips

Replacement Part for TV 8 PCS 4xB Phoenix Mall INNOTEK Overseas parallel import regular item 4xA LG LED Strips

Replacement Part for TV 8 PCS(4xA 4xB) LED Strips for LG INNOTEK


Replacement Part for TV 8 PCS(4xA 4xB) LED Strips for LG INNOTEK

Product description

Product Description:

- NOTE: The TV model can only be used as a reference, it is not necessarily accurate, because sometimes different batches of TV will use different light bars

- We always recommend that you open the TV casing to confirm whether the backlight light bar is consistent with our products.

- If you have not opened the TV, we recommend that you compare the TV model. The model number of the TV is on the nameplate on the back of the TV.

- We will not be responsible for this if you do not confirm the model of the backlight strip only depending on the model of the TV.

- Consistent with the 0riginal, Brand New, no need to modify it, easy to install.

- Long operating life.

Product Specification:

- Package included: 1pcs/set/lot.

- Use: for TV.

- Item Type: Strip.

Replacement Part for TV 8 PCS(4xA 4xB) LED Strips for LG INNOTEK

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